Tandy 100


I’ve been reading science fiction since elementary school, which helped instill in me a love of technology. So much the technology I read about in those novels by Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, Anderson and others has come true and far more.

We don’t have starships of course (at least not yet!), but Heinlein’s characters didn’t have smartphones.

It’s obvious that technology has had a tremendous impact on our lives, and on history, often in ways we don’t appreciate.

How many people realize that the invention of the cotton gin made slavery go on for longer than it otherwise would have, or if it wasn’t for the invention of the printing press Martin Luther would likely never have been heard of and the Reformation wouldn’t have happened, or for that matter a few centuries later another new technology, television, enabled another Martin Luther (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), to spread his message.

Here you will find examples of my writing about technology and technologies effect on history.


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