Road Trip! Route 66 West of Kingman Arizona

I love road trips, short ones, long ones, doesn’t matter, it might be a 30 mile drive to see an old bridge or an 8,000+ mile round trip across the country. My idea of a great vacation day is being on a nice road though someplace I’ve never been before and not being in any hurry to get anywhere.

I’ve even been 500 miles from home, with a definite destination in mind, and when coming to a fork in the road, one fork heading toward my destination and having no idea where the other fork went taking the unknown fork because it looked more interesting. Yes, I got lost, but that was part of the adventure, and I eventually did get to where I was going.

Here you will find some road trip stories, some old, some new. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed the drive!

NC Outer Banks, Summer 1985Night Drive, January 2001
Day Trip to the Bentonville BattlefieldDay Trip to Hamlet
Coordination Was Key